Supplement for oak maturation flavor.

  • 100% natural


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Oaktan AT is an oak polyphenol extracted from carefully selected heartwood from American oak (Q. alba). This high-quality grade was specially developed for applications in the beer industry, but also finds applications in spirits, flavorings, and other food applications.

Oaktan AT is a 100 % natural material extracted from renewable plant materials using dedicated strictly controlled equipment. No preservatives or additives are used in the production of Oaktan AT.


  • Different grades available, based on American and French oak
  • Toasted and untoasted variants
  • By using Oaktan AT the maturation time can be reduced without altering the final taste profile of the beer


Oaktan AT does not require special storage conditions and has a shelf life of min. 5 years if stored in a dry area in its original closed packaging. The product is not frost-sensitive and normal ambient storage temperatures (i.e. 5 – 25°C) suffice.

Dosage: Between 10 and 20 g/hl